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August 26, 2013
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My Drinking Problem by SimonLorimer My Drinking Problem by SimonLorimer
The title is a pretty opaque reference to one of the best movies of all time XP ( I quite like how the first panel came out! Poor Milly, she gave rational, helpful advice and got a heaping dose of stink-eye for her trouble :(

Milly belongs to :iconfrenchsnack:
Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo:
Tarynn belongs to me (
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Oh geezus, I hate that feeling><
AIRPLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
"They could be miles off course!" "That's impossible, they're on instruments." *Spontaneous jazz interlude*
Karbo Aug 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
aww XD
I think the funniest part to me is how dignified she looks in the first panel when she drinks =p  This is simply soooo like her ! XD
Well played sir, your have really a great sense of humor ;p
Hehe, it's a dignity quickly lost to be sure :P Thank you so much for commenting!
Hahaha!  Inhaling a bit of water while drinking is really one of the more embarrassing ways to have a coughing fit.  That actually happens to me more than I'd care to admit.  :XD:

As usual I just love how clean the lines look, and how expressive and dynamic the characters are.  Tarynn is consistently somehow both sympathetic and hilarious in her misfortune, and Milly's helpful advice, while well-intentioned, probably wasn't much more useful than Bushy-Haired-Fairy's plant-puns.  :D

You once again prove yourself to be one of the most talented and creative contributors to the Felarya scene, perfectly capturing the tone of the setting while still managing to be very distinct.  Awesome.
I know, me too! I feel vindicated by the number of comments of people saying it's happened to them. Makes me feel a little less foolish in my own body's failings XP The bushy-haired fairy actually was the original other character in this strip, but I felt Milly's kind, sympathetic advice was better placed than more cruelty :P Thank you so much for the lovely comment, from a contributor of such calibre as yourself it means a lot!
Asuroth Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hahah, that's just excellent XD- I love that stink-eye, even if poor Milly just wanted help...but I've been there before too XD.  Ahh Tarynn, she goes through so much trouble but makes it so amusing.  I feel sorry for her, and yet can't help but want to see more of her like this.  I'm horrible XD.
If you're horrible for simply watching I shudder to think what I am for actively making this rubbish XP Cheers for the comment!
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